What is the capacity of the campground?
We are a small scale camping.
On the terrain of 14ha there is a paved space for 5 caravans, or campers, 10 pitches for tents, 4 rental tents and 4 rental rooms.
This is our total capacity, so you don’t need to worry about our camping being too crowded.

Is there a restaurant on the campsite?
No. Not at the camping itself, neither in it’s direct vicinity. There are however enough options, if you would like to have an tasty and inexpensive dinner on the campground itself. First one would be delivery from the local restaurants.

We also organize grill and goulash evenings for our guests, where we cook and enjoy the dinner together.
And if there are not too many people, we often invite our guests on our table. That is always very nice and interesting opportunity for a good talk and making friends.

Is it allowed to cook on our own camping stove and is there a refrigerator, that we can use?
Yes, your own stove is allowed on our campground. You also can cook on the open fire, as there is a common fire pit, or you can use our kitchen (if you don’t mind, that it is still waiting to be remodeled). There is also a refrigerator, that you can use.

How far from the campsite are supermarkets, bakery and butcher?
The nearest villages with shops are 7-8km from the campsite. Therefore it might be a good idea to get your shopping before you get to the campsite. There is also a driving shop, that delivers food on Saturday, and if needed also on Wednesday. Your shopping list will be messaged to them one day upfront. There is also an organic garden, where you can have the seasonal fruit and vegetables for a fee.

What can you tell us about the sanitary facilities?
Our sanitary facilities are located in the main building. The bathroom is new and very neat and clean. You can see it on our facilities page.  The campsite is not overcrowded, so there are no lines for the shower and toilet and we don’t have trouble keeping the bathrooms clean.

Is reservation required?
Reservation is desirable, but not required. If you decide to make the reservation, we ask a small deposit. Only after the deposit has been transferred, we can guarantee you the availability of your accommodation.

I’m curious about the setting and privacy of rental tents.
The Arch Tents are 20-30 m apart, separated with the trees and bushes for extra privacy. The Safari Tent is about 50-60 m away from the nearest Arch Tent.

What are the swimming possibilities?