Our story

Warm welcome to all camping pioneers!

We’d love to share our story with you.

Far away from the hustle and bustle of city life, there is a hill. On this hill is a green forest and in this
forest live wonderful birds, deer, moufflons, wild boar, foxes, beautiful butterflies and many other
amazing insects and animals. Meadow flowers decorate the hillside and mushrooms bloom amongst
the trees.

No-one had lived in the forest for many years and nature had reclaimed the landscape, but one day
in 2011, something changed. A human couple arrived, fell in love with what they saw and decided to

Soon after, they discovered an abandoned farmhouse tucked away in the glorious countryside
amongst the trees. This lovely home had been falling apart for over 35 years, but the humans knew
how to bring it back to life.

At first the forest animals were afraid. Wondering who the people were and what they were going to
do. As the days passed, the animals learnt that the people didn’t want to hurt them. The friendly
humans gained their trust and even fed them every now and then!

After a few months, with lots of hard work, the house became home for the couple. They adopted
the mischievous goats and broody chickens and cuddly cats that nobody else wanted. A few stray
animals wandered onto the farm and decided to stay with the friendly people too. The people then
decided it was time to share their wonderful world with other humans and they began to build a

As spring turned to summer the visitors began to arrive, curious about the forest and its inhabitants.
The animals were curious about them too and often came to observe the new humans. As long as
the people stayed friendly and calm, the wildlife kept on visiting.
If you come and camp in this tranquil place in the south of Slovakia, they will visit you too.
We’d love to share our home with you.

If you’d like to unplug from the stresses of everyday life, experience a little adventure and explore a
stunning remote area, why not spend your precious holiday time camping or glamping in the green
heart of nature? If you don’t mind driving along a bumpy road, pausing to admire the views and
stopping for wildlife to pass every now and then, you will just LOVE the freedom and great outdoors
of Camping & Glamping Slovakia.

The fresh air, wildlife and beautiful green landscape will stir your soul. Reconnecting with nature will
recharge your spirits. In this safe haven, there’s room for you to have privacy and tranquility
without being lonely.

Falling asleep under the stars, being surrounded by nature, relaxing and roasting marshmallows
around a camp fire, probably appeal to most people. Don’t worry If the reality of setting up a tent
and sleeping on the hard bumpy ground is a frightening thought, we have a wonderful range of
luxury glamping tents for you to enjoy. We also have space for camper vans and caravans on our
campsite. If you need your creature comforts there are warm showers, fresh water, toilets,
electricity and free Wi-Fi. You can even join us for coffee and meals!

If you’re not sure what to do once you’re here, we’re full of advice and guidance to help make your
holiday a perfect experience that you’ll want to repeat!

We’d love to hear from you to answer your questions, listen to your ideas and suggestions – or just a