Spacious pitches; Campsite in the Nature of South Slovakia

Camping & Glamping Slovakia - Green Heart LogoCampsite in Slovakian Nature

As our name already states, Camping Slovakia is a campsite in Slovakia. 😀 What you probably didn’t know  yet is, that this is an informal quiet little farm campsite with glamping in the middle of south Slovakian nature. It’s very rural, perhaps like a visit at granny’s place on the country side. You’ll get to meet and interact with our farm animals and see plenty of wildlife, too.

We are proud to be the safe haven for:

  • peace and quiet seekers, as we are day round quiet campsite (so no loud music allowed on the campsite),
  • travellers with a four footed friend (as we allow pets at the campsite; please do read the rules for camping with your pet) and
  • families, who prefer a quiet holiday with self managed activities.

We encourage all our guests to be mindful of their fellow travellers, so that everyone on the campsite can enjoy what they came here for – a quiet break from the hustle and bustle, intimate sociable atmosphere and loads of nature.

Camping & Glamping Slovakia accommodations

We have camping pitches with shade, or with lots of sunshine to suit your preferences. Everyone can choose their favourite pitch at our campsite.

Apart from pitches, we also have ready to occupy glamping tents, which are set up the way a holiday home is. To learn more about them visit our accommodations page.

 What else does this Camping & Glamping Slovakia offer?

Apart from a warm welcome in English, tranquil surroundings and a friendly atmosphere; all our camping and accommodation guests have access to these facilities:

decent and clean camping bathroom

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Warm showers
  • Flushing toilets
  • Electricity
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Hot water and sink for washing up
  • Space to roam and relax
  • The communal camp fire
  • Outdoor picnic table
  • A common dining area
  • A common lounge area
  • A washing machine

Camping & Glamping Slovakia is a small scale campsite on a large estate. It’s located near Veľký Krtíš, in the south of central Slovakia – in the province of Banská Bystrica – just two hours drive north from beautiful Budapest, Hungary.

Food and meals at and off the campsite

fresh and healthy breakfast outdoorsIf you wish to socialise, or have a break from daily cooking, we may offer an opportunity to share meals with us and other guests. [donations welcome!]

There is also a delivery service [small charge] from local restaurant if more than 5 meals are ordered.

The campfire is for everyone to use, whether you want to cook sausages, make a stew, or toast marshmallows.

There are places where you can set up your own BBQ. Please observe all fire safety guidance.

As we are in the heart of green Slovakia, there are no shops within walking distance so please bring some provisions with you. However, if you need them, we can provide you with some basic items such as bread, fresh vegetables and goats milk, cheese and sometimes locally produced meat, as we offer our organic farm produce and support our neighbour farmers by offering their produce for sale.

Often we have a small selection of popsticles, beer and local wine available to buy.
Nearby in Čebovce, there are small shops, a gas station and a restaurant.
Around 25 km away, the bigger town Vel’ký Krtíš and Krupina at the same distance have supermarkets, garage and everything else you may need.


Well behaved pets are welcome at our campsite. We’ve even had a guinea pig as a guest!

Remember however, that all of our visiting guests, as well as all the free ranging animals living at our farm must stay safe and happy. That’s why your pet have to be under control at all times, thus on a lead and walked away from the campsite. As a free roaming dog not only can scare them, but multiple times we had guests, who let their dog loose against our policy and those dogs attacked our animals, which was nearly fatal!

That’s why we are very strict with this rule and we require you to respect it. If there is another free ranging dog, it is a dog, who is already familiar with us, we are certain, it’s harmless and we have allowed an exception. This by no means mean, that your dog is automatically allowed to be off leash on site as well.