Campsite with Glamping in Slovakian Nature

Green Heart Campsite Slovakia

Campsite with Glamping accommodation and B&B rooms.

If you’d like to unplug from the stresses of everyday life, experience a little adventure and explore a stunning remote area, why not spend your precious holiday time with us in the green heart of European nature?
The fresh air, wildlife and beautiful landscape will stir your soul. Reconnecting with nature will recharge your spirits.

This is a quiet campsite and a safe haven for peace seekers, travelers with an four footed friend and families, who understand and respect all that we stand for.

When you arrive we will be there to help you to settle in and answer any questions you may have, whilst you enjoy a refreshing complimentary drink.

Accommodation options of
Camping & Glamping Slovakia

We have spaces in shady spots or with lots of sunshine to suit your preferences.

What else does this campsite offer?

Apart from a warm welcome, tranquil surroundings and a friendly atmosphere; all our camping and accommodation guests have access to these facilities

  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Warm showers
  • Flushing toilets
  • Electricity
  • Fresh drinking water
  • Hot water and sink for washing up
  • Space to roam and relax
  • The communal camp fire
  • Outdoor table and chairs
  • Our common dining area
  • Our common lounge area
  • A washing machine

Camping & Glamping Slovakia is a small scale camping site on a large estate. It’s located near Veľký Krtíš, in the south of central Slovakia – in the province of Banská Bystrica – just two hours drive north from beautiful Budapest, Hungary.

Food and meals at and off the campsite

If you wish to socialise, or have a break from daily cooking, we may offer an opportunity to share meals with us and other guests. [donations welcome!]
There is also a delivery service [small charge] from local restaurant if more than 5 meals are ordered.
The campfire is for everyone to use, whether you want to cook sausages, make a stew, or toast marshmallows.
There are places where you can set up your own BBQ. Please observe all fire safety guidance.
As we are in the heart of green Slovakia, there are no shops within walking distance so please bring some provisions with you. However, if you need them, we can provide you with basic items such as bread, fresh vegetables and cows and goats milk, sometimes also cheese and beef, as we offer our organic farm produce for sale.
On occasion we have a small selection of beer and local wine available to buy.
Nearby in Čebovce, there are small shops, a gas station and a restaurant.
Around 25 km away, the bigger town of Vel’ký Krtíš has supermarkets, garage and everything else you may need.

What is there to do?

Hiking and cycling

Hiking and cycling – we can advise you on even more routes



Provide opportunities to enjoy the beauty of nature on a relatively non-strenuous walk on trails and pathways. These walks are suitable for seniors, parents with small children, or for anyone not ready for the more demanding trails. Please consult each hike before you plan your walk–while most are gentle, some trails may have rough or narrow sections or steeper climbs.
Visit the whistling stone, can you make it sing?
Stone Lady is watching over South border of Slovakia for millennia.


Are those that have significant elevation gain (400m or more), are 10km or more in length, trail conditions vary from good to rugged, and they generally take 4 – 8 hours to complete. These hikes are not for the faint-hearted!
Museum of an old farmhouse ia a place to discover, how people were living just 100 years ago is just 5 km away, but with quite a bit of a climb! If you don’t mind to sweat a little, you might like this little cultural gem.
Ruines of the castle Čabraď are very much worth seeing! It’s a 12 hours hike to the castle and back from the campsite. If you’d like to see the ruins, but this kind of a hike is too challenging for you, you can drive a bit and do a 3 hours hike there and back.
For some trails, have a look at the pretty painted map below the biking section, or ask us how to find them.


For the biking enthusiast, Slovakia has everything from flat paths passing by schools, village and town centers, sightseing and other recreation areas to challenging remote back-country trails for more advanced mountain bikers. In the immediate vicinity of Camping & Glamping Slovakia you find mostly the second option – MTB fit trails. 4 MTB bikes are for rent at camping itself.

All hikers and bikers can borrow a lovely hand-painted region map with marked cycling trails and local sightseeing or use a  online hiking and cycling map with all marked trails.

One more alternative of an interactive hiking map for Slovakia.


Geocaching (geo-cashing) is an outdoor adventure activity that uses a handheld GPS (Global Positioning System) unit to find a hidden container (a cache). Individuals and groups set up caches all over the world and they share the coordinates on the internet. GPS units are used to find the location of a cache, sign the logbook, and then report the find on the internet.

To start geocaching, you can download a free geocaching app for your smartphone.

Culture and history sniffing

The region has many historic towns, churches, castles and castle ruins, spas, gardens, museums and lakes.

A few of them worth mentioning

The town of Vel’ky Krtis – outdoor swimming pool, shops and restaurants
Banska Stiavnica with its Mining museum, historic square, old castle, church and historic diorama
Banska Bystrica with its uprising square, museum and clock tower
Donovaly Park Snow
Zvolen Castle and the separate castle ruins

For even more options, try the sightseeing suggestions on Tripadvisor.  Or just ask us for advice!

Relaxing and Culinary options

spa, wine tasting, restaurants


Well behaved pets are welcome at the campsite. We’ve even had a guinea pig as a guest!
We have goats, chickens and cats living here that must stay happy and safe, so please remember that your pet must be under control at all times.
Dogs should be kept under control; preferably on a lead and walked away from the campsite.